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...And I shall return in a few hours and answer them with all the wisdom and honesty a bottle of cheap wine brings.

And remember, don't drink until you're of legal age in your country, like me!


Update: I am very drunk and have answered all of your questions. I am going to do some adult things and then go to bed. Thank you all for participating in this AMA and may you all survive the night.
I have 80 gabillion internet dollars but I'm not satisfied, I need more. I'm looking to invest my mega fortune in hopes of turning into a small economy. 

Tell me your ideas for making money and I'll decide if I want to risk my money on your idea. Businesses, products, services. ANYTHING that could make me even richer than I already am!

It's kind of like that TV show Shark Tank except maybe not because I've never seen that show. 
I'd like to hear your stories of NDEs.

Seen a light at the end of a tunnel? 
Met Jesus?
Were you all alone?

Tell me about it, PLZ.
So we're making a rap song. The rhyme scheme goes AABB.

I'll start with an A, the next poster shall write AB, the next BA, then AB and so on. 

In other words you write a line that rhymes with the previous line, then a line for the next poster to rhyme to.

And if you end your line in "orange" fuck you, your post doesn't count.

Here, I'll start:

I'm an internet guy and I love to rap/
I keep hearing that you can score all manner of swag on the cheap over on but any time I look it seems like things go for about the same price they go for anywhere else. It seems like you either click "buy it now" or it's just a hassle.

Am I doing it wrong? Anyone get any good finds on eBay? Any tips?
So I made a webcomic. That's what I've been doing all this time.

Go read it and expect more to come.


United States
I will rock your world. Just... Hold on a sec...

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