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What's the weirdest thing you've ever tried on top of a pizza? I've always made it a point to try as many different types of pizzas as I can in my travels so I've had some pretty weird stuff. Some of the weirdest things I've had are: 

Organic pepperoni, banana peppers, Parmesan cheese, shaved ice, spicy mushrooms from chili, espresso, anchovies, spaghetti, octopus, fried dough, goat meat, hamburger, pork snout, boiled goat hooves, horse stomach, star fish, throwing stars, bullets and tomatoes.

What about you guys? 
I'm buying a Wii U next month but I wanted to know:

Does the Wii U's online work? Do games like Smash Bros play well online like the 360 or PS3 or is it more like the 3DS online modes wherein they technically work but there's excessive amounts of lag and limited options?

I'm not sure which games I want to start with and whether or not the online works will be a determining factor. I want Smash but only if there's people online to play with. I already have it on the 3DS but the online isn't really usable, not like, say, Street Fighter 4 on consoles. 

Thanks for sharing your experiences!
You heard me. Make up a super lame band name. Yes, it must be made up.

Here, I'll get you started. You can open for my fictional, poorly named band. We are...

I've been thinking... Plenty of folks believe that when we die it's over and generally people find that concept horrifying.

Whether or not you we believe it nonwithstanding, is that really such a bad thing? Is that wrong or weird of me to think that sounds awesome? No reincarnation or hell or whatever...

Or am I complete fuck for thinking that?
I've lived a really strange live. I've had several experiences that were so bizarre and unlikely that if you saw a movie about them, you'd probably call it unrealistic. I'm thinking about three things in particular. 

I told a therapist a little bit about one incident and she quit on me, said it was too much for her to deal with. The next therapist wanted to write a book about my experience. 
I told someone who had written a book about a similar experience and she wanted me to be on an episode of a TV show she was making. I declined.
Point being, I've lived through some crazy, ridiculous shit.

I've always been very content keeping these things to myself. My wife knows (and was there for several of these experiences) and the aforementioned therapists but other than that these things have all been closely guarded secrets. I'm generally not someone to talk about feelings and such, I'm a textbook introvert. 

Problem is for some reason I've recently developed a strong urge to come clean and tell my stories. Thing is I have no idea why I feel this way suddenly and no Idea how to follow through with it. I don't have any friends or relatives (introvert, remember?). I don't know anyone I would consider telling personally. I've considered that I could tell my story on a podcast. I listen to several that often read listener submitted stories (similar to the Moth). I've also considered submitting my tales to a website that takes solicited articles but I don't know any sites that are like that.
I'm also concerned that if I do put myself out there like that, even anonymously that I might regret it, not being about to ever take it back.
I don't want anything out of people hearing my story other than the simple fact that I've shared it. I would only tell it anonymously. I also don't think anyone will really believe me though. I'm not sure how I feel about that part.

What do ya'll think? What should I do?
So I made a webcomic. That's what I've been doing all this time.

Go read it and expect more to come.


United States
I will rock your world. Just... Hold on a sec...

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