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Ghosts, vampires, angels, demons, deities, legends, lizard people posing as politicians, aliens hidden among us...

Do you think we're alone on Earth?
Basically I got a popular local business to agree to looking at some ideas I have for redoing their logo. There's no commitment at this point other than the owner agreed to look but he has expressed interest in updating the logo. 

I did three variants on what he said he was looking for (basically a more professional, updated version of the current logo, he doesn't want a complete redo).

Does anyone have any advice? I'm happy with my work so far but I'm not sure how to really sell myself or my ideas. It would be my first paying design work and it would be a lot of publicity. 

Thanks in advance, yo.
I'm looking to replace my Wacom Bamboo tablet. It was nice but I've had it for a long time and it's taken a beating. 

I have no idea where to start though. I'd like something in the under $300 range (well under, preferably.)

What do you guys use? Do you like it?
I would love one if you wanted to PM it to me. I know they're hot so it would mean to the world to me if someone could spare one. 

Message it to me though.

Thanks in advance!
Freaky Friday style body swap.

Do you want to be pop sensation Taylor Swift or American President Barack Obama?

Explain your answer.

I'm voting for Taylor Swift. I can think of two good reasons if you know what I mean. Plus being Mr. Obama seems like it would be insanely stressful, though I would like to get to know all the presidential secrets. The first thing I would do is runt o whoever and say "Hey, I remember everything we know about aliens but just so I know you haven't forgotten why don't you tell me?"

If I woke up as Taylor Swift, the first thing I'd do is... Private. Then I would write songs about aliens and everyone would love them because I'm Taylor Swift.

If you have questions about the specific rules, please let me know. I'll do my best to clarify.
So I made a webcomic. That's what I've been doing all this time.

Go read it and expect more to come.


United States
I will rock your world. Just... Hold on a sec...

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